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Madrid will Promoted As Tourist DestinationThe Community of Madrid will be promoted as a tourist destination during the Asian tour that is taking place Real Madrid as part of the season, thanks to the sponsorship agreement signed in February with the Community of Madrid, the city of Madrid, Madrid and Promotion Secretary General of Domestic Trade and Tourism, through Turespaña to promote tourism lasmarcas Spain and Madrid.

The tour starts on Monday August 1 at 18:30 am (China) with a gala dinner at the Sheraton Hotel in Guangzhou, to be attended by representatives from various Chinese entities and in the course will be a presentation of Spain and Madrid as tourist destinations.

In addition, the August 2 will be a cooking demonstration by Chef David Munoz at Hotel Shangri-La for promotional cuisine in Madrid. On Wednesday, at the same hotel will be a presentation with representatives from travel agencies, airlines, various Chinese authorities and media and will face Real Madrid in a friendly at Guangzhou Everglade Football Club.

On Thursday, 4 in the Chinese city of Tianjin will hold a gala dinner at the Westin Tianjin during which he will present the Madrid promotion campaign linked to the image of the players of Real Madrid. The trip will end with the football match will face Real Madrid and FC Tianjin Tea in the stadium of this team.

During these days will run an advertising campaign linked to the friendly matches of Real Madrid. The campaign’s centerpiece a series of promotional spots of Madrid where Real Madrid players give their recommendations and around Madrid. These ads will be displayed on the scoreboards in stadiums where the team plays in the intermediate and television broadcast of the same.

The agreement between the Community, the City of Madrid and the central government in Madrid Real Madrid seeks to turn the club brand ambassador, offering recommendations on Madrid and the Spanish cuisine, to strengthen the tourism brand positioning in emerging markets especially in Asia, where the white club has a consolidated picture.

In a market where brand reputation of Spain and Madrid is still low, sport and gastronomy are the main assets to reach a potential audience of 500 million tourists. In order to generate travel advisories, will promote the new website where, besides the players of Real Madrid, well-known personalities such as Jorge Lorenzo Ferranti Adrian and offer their recommendations on the destination Spain-Madrid encouraging Internet users to participate by sharing their experiences.

La Villette Brings Large number of travelersIn the city of Paris walks, canals, bridges and paths abound. Of all the places to walk, the neighborhood of La Valletta brings a huge amount of tourists.

La Valletta in Paris is the headquarters of the Cite de la Mosque, a set of institutions since 1995 and beautiful amphitheater for concerts for hundreds of spectators. There is also a museum here that bears a lot of important musical instruments of the classical period.

La Cite de la mosque in Paris in the district of Puente de Flanders in the nineteenth Paris district. This public institution has an amphitheater, concert halls, exhibitions, workshops and other spaces. Besides classical music, the Cite de la mosque leads to all kinds of music.

But Paris is many cities in one and there are multiple places to stay in Paris. There is also Cite des sciences, that is created to promote scientific and technological culture. The Muesum of Sience that exists there is the largest in Europe. In this city you can visit a planetarium, view a submarine, or visit some of the local resturants. You can also shop for scientific books, toys and explore other businesses.

Cite des Sciences and Cite de la Mosque is located next to each other. Travelling by Metro is one of the options to get from anywhere in Paris to this tourist spot. The lines that come there are 5, 2 and 7. Also the RER line E. All the station down in Stalingrad.

Planning To Travel Out Of SpainWe are in full summer holidays and many are families with infants and children who go on a trip. But before starting the journey should take the baby to the pediatrician to examine the baby and give us the ok to travel.

Another thing you should do before leaving is to have located all the phone numbers of clinics and hospitals in the holiday destination. Do not forget the Social Security card or insurance card, do not allow yourself at home booklet of vaccination and phone number of your baby’s pediatrician.

If you plan to travel outside Spain, you should carry a European Health Card, which allows you to receive the healthcare services during your stay.

To get this card go to an Information and Support Centre of the Social Security National Institute of Social Security. Babies do not have ID, so will your name, so you must submit the P-1, which includes beneficiaries.

Until 14 years the DNI is not mandatory, so it is necessary that if your child does not have to bring your own rule. In addition you should bring up the family book, to establish the relationship to the child.

If your holiday is outside the EU, we need to travel with the passport and visa.

Documents Required To TravelThe Consumer Eros magazine just published an article that collects and updates information on the documents needed to travel with kids as the destination, means of transport or the age of the children.

This is a very welcome publication because the number of administrative rules and requirements in the paperwork when traveling are changing over the months are not uncommon confusion, misunderstandings and last-minute race to the guard station closer, no wonder they do not have valid documents may involve the denial of boarding or entry into any country. Furthermore, the zeal to control requirements by the authorities when we are accompanied child is usually always higher.

To avoid any unpleasant surprise and encourage moms and dads peace of travelers we echo this information to put a candle while praying that one day crossing the border does not pose a high jump meet bureaucratic people have their age.

Northern Argentina TourismCassandra Boozier was killed in Salta, when looking in the North Argentine tourism. She was a student and researcher at the Institute of Latin American Studies.

Hoarier Mourn His companion, also killed, he studied urban sociology of the continent.

Besides his work at the Institute of Latin American Studies (IHEAL), the 23/06, Boozier participated in organizing the International Symposium on Orientals in Latin America, Foundation Los Ceros.

Meanwhile, Hoarier Mourn, whose body was also found in the ravine of San Lorenzo in Argentina’s Salta province, was a French woman of Moroccan origin who shares registered in various seminars in sociology.

Mourn appears in records of the French headquarters of the Institute of the Americas, a foundation dedicated to researching the continent and the changes of the different Latin American realities.

The organization was related Mourn collaboration with the Institute of Latin American Studies (IHEAL), which, precisely, was the place where he worked Boozier.

Travel Packages To Paris From VenezuelaAre you willing to travel to the city of love? bring your wife is now a real possibility, with travel packages to Paris from Venezuela, from Argentina, cheap, plane, etc..

Paris is the capital of France, is almost 2 and a half million inhabitants and is the largest city in commercial, political, economic and tourism.
Luxury hotels and plenty of things to see and places to go, is presented as a tourist destination of real importance in recent times.

Package tours to Paris have included trips to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Defense, the Champs Elysees, the Pantheon, the Louvre and the National Museum of Natural History France, among many other architectural wonders that can be seen in the city.

Do not miss the promotion of tourist packages to Paris, is limited seating.

Seven Best Tourist Destination in the WorldTourism demand is a measure of success or effectiveness of a
strategy implemented in a tourist destination. It is usually measured by the number of arrivals to a destination. Although others may be used as the degree of occupation. Competitiveness is interpreted as effectively done in a tourist destination.

A destination is any place, area or geographic area that is visited by tourists, provided they have conditions to be placed on sale for customers.

Here are the seven best tourist destinations in the world:

1. Cape Town, South Africa:

Cape Town shines in southern Africa. A short distance from the “Mother City” you can visit wonderful places, from Robin Island, former prison of Nelson Mandela, a view of tourist brochure in Blaauwberg Beach and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. Sunbathers, surfers and divers are concentrated in the white sand beaches and azure waters at the foot of Table Mountain. The Natural Reserve of Cabot de Buena Esperanza offers sweeping ocean views, hiking trails and wildlife. If you are planning to visit this amazing place,start your Cape Town hotel reservation ahead of time is highly recommended.

2. Sydney, Australia:

Dwellers, culture vultures and beach, all fall in love with Sydney. Relax on the beach at Bond Beach or stroll along the quieter side of Coo gee. Need to find bargains? The Rocks area district is very good for shopping; you can go by George and Pitt streets. Climb to the top of the Harbor Bridge or the Sydney Tower to appreciate 360-degree views of the city. Whatever you do, do not leave town without visiting the koalas at the zoo Taranga Park, are lovable creatures.

3. Machu Picchu, Peru:

No wonder that Machu Picchu is the most visited site in Peru. This architectural wonder of limestone without mortar, which dates from the mid fifteenth century, is situated on a high plateau deep in the Amazon rainforest. Is accessible by train from Cuzco or, if you dare, make the journey on foot along a path several days, will travel deep in the Andean ravines and enjoy stunning views.

4. Paris, France:

Paris never disappoints. From the cathedral of Notre Dame, the Basilica of Scare Coeur, the Arc de Triumphed, the Eiffel Tower through the Park Asteroid, Disneyland Paris, up to the wonders of the Louvre, it is impossible not to fall in love with this city. Stroll through the picturesque bridges over the Seine, admire the beauty of the Luxembourg Gardens or discover Montmartre. Wherever you go you stumble across historic sites. The fashionistas have it easy: in the Avenue Montaigne and Rue du Faubourg couture has its corner.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Probably in no other place in the world, the beach is so crucial to the culture of a big city like Rio; his two most famous beaches have been immortalized in song. Of the two, Copacabana is greater and lively, while Panama is more upscale and relaxed. The city beats to the rhythm of salsa sensual, the beaches are teeming with life, the nightlife is hot and there is a palpable atmosphere of agitation. The shopping malls in Rio make it easy and affordable. From its bustling beaches and outrageous February festival, Rio de Janeiro is a city that knows how to entertain, day and night.

6. New York, New York:

Perhaps if you visit New York for the first time a city will seem incomprehensible … But do not worry, we have a brief summary of what you see: the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, MOMA … Enjoy their neighborhoods, their unique shops, luxury 5 star hotels in New York, the cosmopolitan city and recreates famous scenes from movies on their most famous sites! If you live a more unique experience, explore less touristy areas … You will be amazed.

7. Rome, Italy:

Rome is the Eternal City unforgettable. Can captivate even the most skeptical, because it has everything. From its world famous monuments such as Santa Maria Della Concessioner, Coliseum, Roman Forum, the famous Trivia Fountain, the Pantheon and the steps of the Plaza of Spain, to its medieval streets, past quaint little job of that delight ice cream palates. Rome is also a city of contrasts.

Making it one of the biggest tourist attractions in Vienna (Austria). The park has a large area palace and its gardens were designed in the French Baroque style by architects Jean-Nicolas Jadot and Adrian von Steckhoven under the supervision of the Empress Maria Theresa by the end of the seventeenth century.

Castle Park includes the Grand Central Parterre, where monuments are located as the Neptune Fountain, the fountain obelisk, fake Roman ruins, besides the Classic Labyrinth, the Labyrinth New and Orangerie. On the hill at the end of Glorieta historical park, a monument neoclassical designed by Ferdinand von Hohenberg, point from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Palace and the Vienna rises.

Originally created for the royal family, the imperial gardens were finally open to the public by Emperor Joseph II of Austria in the late eighteenth century, a decision that angered the Viennese aristocracy disapproved share the grounds with the rest of the population. Throughout history the gardens became a traditional meeting place of the Viennese community.